• Learn to love your feet.
    Learn to LOVE your feet.

Ugly feet. Bunions, corns, callouses, hammer toes…wide feet, stubby feet, flat feet, toenail fungus and weird toes. Bad enough any time of the year, but when spring is on the horizon and the pretty sandals and trendy open-toe shoes are everywhere you look, it can be mighty depressing.

Like most other physical attributes, the way our feet look can be key to how we feel. When it comes to our physical image, we all have things we would like to change. Some of us think we have awful hair or too much weight or don’t like the way our bone structure is. If you are embarrassed by your feet, don’t want to show them in public, on the beach, or wear summer dresses because your feet are then front and center, you know what we’re talking about! No matter how ugly you think they are, some basic foot care and shoes that minimize your flaws can make a big difference in how they look and feel.

Wearing sandals, going barefoot, or feeling confident in sexy sandals is possible. Paying attention to your feet may not be something you have done a great deal of, but now’s the time to get started! Most importantly, once you have done your utmost to make make your feet beautiful, relax and choose the shoes that best fit your feet. Short of taking some drastic measures, your feet are as much a part of you as your smile or your laugh.

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