Love your feet - just the way they are!


Podiaphobia is a fear of feetYou may suffer from podiaphobia and not even realize it has a name.

Simply put, podiaphobia is a fear of feet. An aversion…a reaction..a feeling of disgust towards feet, whether yours or others, that causes measurable physical and emotional reaction.

True podiaphobes often can’t stand to have anyone touch their feet – sometimes they can’t stand to touch their own feet. They often wear socks 24/7 – some even wear shoes both day and night.

Sounds funny, right? Well, it’s pretty significant and debilitating if you suffer from it. Podiaphobia includes all the distinctions of any other type of phobia, an onset of physical or emotional anxiety that can include making your heart race, trouble breathing. Just like other fears that may seem irrational – fear of clowns (coulrophobia – actually quite common) or fear of going to the doctor (Iatrophobia). It’s really a lot less painful and complicated just to learn to love your feet instead.

Podiaphobia can affect an individual’s personal, professional, and social life. Imagine never being able to take your shoes off in public, enjoy the beach or wear trendy, fashionable shoes. Being horrified when invited to someone’s home and being asked to remove your shoes before entering. Having an injury or a medical situation that requires a doctor inspect your feet, and having a severe reaction as a result of a debilitating fear of feet. is all about making the best of what you’ve got! For many people who feel they have ugly feet, the fact is that a certain amount of attention and basic foot care can really minimize the flaws and make you more comfortable and at ease. Love your feet!
Photo Credit:zetson via photopin cc