11 Super Simple Ways to Disguise Ugly Feet

11 Super Simple Ways to Disguise Ugly Feet

Why in the world would we come up with 11 super simple ways to disguise ugly feet?  Because we know if you think you have ugly feet, it gives new meaning to the words “it is what it is!” These eleven ways to minimize what you don’t like about your feet, and maximize the positive, can help whether you’re looking to dress ’em up, dress ’em down or want to simply focus attention elsewhere. There are lots of shoes that can definitely help, but there are lots of other techniques you can use!

Simply knowing how to disguise or minimize the things you don’t like about your feet starts with some basic steps, techniques and strategies. Here are our 11 super simple tips and suggestions to disguise ugly feet:

1. Foot Jewelry

Distraction can be your master of disguise when it comes to feeling embarrassed about your feet. If you Just don’t like the shape of your feet, a dangly anklet or a couple of toe rings can do wonders for drawing the eyes to the jewelry and not the foot in general. (After all, typically people just glance at your feet…you may feel like they are staring at them but they’re probably not.)  If your feet are veiny, opt for a “barefoot jewelry sandal,” which basically covers the top of your foot so you can have coverage and still go barefoot. These come in all styles, types and colors, from delicate and spangly, to practically full coverage for the lower ankle and top of the foot.

2. Foundation & Makeup

Oddly enough, this is not something that is frequently brought up, but you can use foundation to cover up ugly foot veins, imperfections, rub marks from your shoes, corns, blisters, you name it. Whether you want the instant, dramatic coverage of body makeup or specifically opt for makeup for your feet, or even the more subtle and lasting coverage of a self tanner, both work in the way a good foundation does by evening out skin tone and hiding imperfections.  Make sure to do careful preparation for your foot makeup prior to application avoid flaking and dryness, which will only draw more attention to them.

3. Pedicure

This should be your first choice, and a no-brainer, but if you really hate your feet you may feel as though it would be your last resort. Believe me, these talented folks that are paid to make your feet pretty have seen it all. Spending on average $25 per month to relieve a major source of your anxiety is a steal. Many people avoid getting a pedicure altogether because there embarrassed to reveal their feet in public. The fact is, avoiding the salon because you are afraid that your feet will be the worst they have ever seen is nonsense – foot and nail care pedicure professionals take their job seriously and want you to be happy with the results. If you are that concerned about it, stop in at a salon or make a phone call and talk to them about your concerns. At minimum, they can tell you when the slowest time is at their salon can come in and be able to relax without fear of being surrounded by a lot of other customers..

4. Mules

No, not the farm animal, the shoe. Nobody will even wonder why you are wearing these because they are a spring, summer, and fall shoe; easy to slip on with the casualness of flip flops. You can find mules that go with any type of outfit, from your bathing suit to evening wear. These may not really be considered a disguise, but they are a quick way to cover up your feet and be comfy.

5. Fake toenails

Ok. So six of the seven days each week, you keep your feet hidden in full coverage footwear, while people think you’re nuts for wearing socks in the midst of a 90 degree July day. “Oh, I just hate to go barefoot,” doesn’t work when on the seventh day Cousin Sara is having her wedding and the only shoes that will look good with your dress are sandals. Two words: fake toenails. Just like the fingernails, glue them on to whatever you’ve got, file them to a believable length, paint them, and voila! If you suffer from toenail fungus, can make all the difference in your world. Try press on nails for an easy on/off experience.

6. The Magic of Heels

It’s a fact – everybody’s legs look better in heels. Maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead in flip-flops, but consider reversing how you build your daily outfits….build them around a sandal with a slightly higher heel (1 1/2″ or above). Heels draw the eyes up to the legs, which in turn, take the focus off the feet. If you suffer from bunions or hammer toes, this may not be the solution for you. It is important to be comfortable as well, so make sensible decisions.

7. Foot Moisturizer

The right foot moisturizer can make an amazing difference in the appearance of your feet, particularly if you have calluses, corns, or toenail fungus that can exacerbate the condition of your nail bed and skin surrounding it. Specifically, a moisturizer intended for hands and feet will tend to be more intensely moisturizing. A foot mioisturzer will:

  • “Plump” the skin in cracks, making them less noticeable and you more comfortable
  • The moisturizer on your feet will help to make imperfections less noticeable.
  • Moisturizing corns and calluses will smooth them out

8. Outdoor “Sporty” sandals

This could possibly be the #1 summer shoe choice for people with ugly feet! No one will even suspect you are trying to hide your feet in this type of sandal because it shows just enough of your foot to fake some confidence and yet conceals a little bit all over, from front to back. Also, they tend to be lightweight and you can get them wet. Opt for a high quality sandal like Keen Shoes offers. Durable and attractive, they have the right look to take you from the beach to eating out, and will maintain it’s shape and functionality over the long term. If you have avoided beach vacations because you don’t want to go barefoot, these shoes may change your life.

9. Shoe Clips

The unsung heroes of those of us with ugly feet, shoe clips have been a popular fashion accessory for centuries. Sometimes just attaching  a big ‘ol flower to your sandals or flip flops can quickly hide what you don’t want people to see.  The result? Your feet have instant anonymity and You can go about your day with complete confidence. The beauty of this little shoe accessory is that it can change style as frequently as you like. This fashion accessory could conceivably increase  your shoe wardrobe exponentially. With a basic go-anywhere shoe or sandal that can accommodate clips for casual, formal, or fun environments, it’s a breeze.

10. Whiten and Brighten Skin

Our feet work hard for us. They are frequently covered up, often dirty, and even more often… Ignored. So when we do want to share them with the world they just aren’t ready. Here’s some information on how you can whiten and brighten your feet so that they appear at the very best. This video also instructions that can be your “base line”… a simple home pedicure designed to remove dirt and dead skin, brighten the skin itself and leave your feet ready for makeup, jewelry, pretty shoes or even – yes – a barefoot experience!


11. Confidence

Out of our 11 super simple ways to disguise ugly feet, this is the most important one. Many times we think all eyes are on our flaws, when the truth is, others are not paying that much attention to us. A beautiful set of toes won’t make us any more friends or make the ones we have love us more. Whether you have wide feet, claws, calluses, scars, bunions, or corns, most people are going to spend their time looking at you, not your feet. Eventually, you have to do what you can that is practical and remember how awesome you are!

Although these suggestions are to help you hide foot imperfections, please browse UgleeFeet.com for more ideas, suggestions and support designed to make you love your feet!