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Makeup For Feet

Ok, so makeup for your feet may sound strange at first, but let’s just think about it. Maybe summer is in full swing, or you are ready to take off for a wrm beach on a much-need vacation, but for some odd reason, you just haven’t had hours to spend beautifying your feet. Pedicures? Yes. Foot soaks? Possibly. Scraping with  one of those little foot-sized cheese graters? Maybe. But if your budget doesn’t include daily salt scrubs, oil and cream treatments, surgeons to minimize your veins or little men to consciensciously and discreetly remove your calluses daily, then maybe the idea of a foot concealer isn’t so unusual after all.

Body makeup and makeup for feet has been a staple for prominent women, film stars and models for many years. Now you can get the same sort of coverage and concealment for your feet with foot makeup! (There is one called Tintalize that seems to be the #1 seller..never tried it, just sayin’.)

What can foot makeup do for your feet?

It does a great job of concealing veins, blemishes, blisters, uneven skin tones on your feet, toes, ankles, and can minimize the appearance of corns and calluses. The creators of this product were smart, and took the time to ensure that there are plenty of skin tones available to make this product work equally well for everyone.

Makeup for feet is just one way to enhance your feet…..browse our ugly feet site for more ideas, suggestions and support designed to make you love your feet!