Wide feet

Living With Wide Feet

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Let’s face it – living with wide feet can make you feel unattractive, particularly if you’re a woman.

Not only do they make it difficult to find trendy shoes that fit, but the resulting ill-fitting footwear can create friction, causing calluses, corns, even bunions – a vicious cycle resulting in…ugly feet!

On the positive side, there are plenty of attractive shoes for wide feet on the market today, from sneakers to loafers to dress shoes. On the negative side, sometimes they’re just too wide, creating space where your feet move around inside the shoe and become uncomfortable. And the reality is that the same shoe that’s gorgeous and smart in a regular width just looks like a Frankenstein shoe in a wide size. (No wonder we end up with podophobia!) The stark truth is that wide feet are as unique as the people who carry them at the ends of their legs, and no two are alike!

Why Are My Feet So Wide?

Certain studies have shown that a large number of people – not surprisingly – wear shoes that don’t fit, including shoes that are far too narrrow for their feet. The fact is, wide feet are not unusual.  Heredity is probably the most common cause of feet that are wider than most people…we are just born with them. Age is another factor…our feet can change as we get older. Temporary or long term causes can include swelling from injury, medical procedures or pregnancy.

Tips for buying shoes for wide feet?

  • Definitely go for the wide shoes whenever possible, particularly when it comes to high heels that put added pressure on the ball of the feet. They usually look less clunky than wide flats because heels elongate the legs and give the appearance of length overall.
  • Browse for styles that are naturally wider in the front half of the foot in particular. Those chic, sharp pointy-toe shoes that look like they hurt? They do – and look ridiculous on wide feet, so avoid those!
  • The best heel is mid-height…too high and you’re in serious pain, but flats tend to exaggerate the width of your foot. A little heel is always a good thing!
  • Consider using insoles in your shoes…you can find high quality insoles for wide feet that will add comfort to your shoes.

Don’t be embarrassed by ugly feet – do something about it if they bother you! Concerned about corns, calluses and bunions, stumpy toes, or ugly toenails? You can’t get new feet but living with wide feet can be just fine. Browse our foot care tips and get started toward healthy, beautiful feet!

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