7 Simple Home Pedicure Tips for Ugly Feet

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Say Goodbye to Ugly Feet!

Making ugly feet beautiful begins with the proper foot care. If you are extremely reluctant to have a pedicure and would rather have pins stuck in your eyes than let someone touch your feet, you can do this right at home. It’s simpler than you think to make your ugly feet beautiful so you can wear the shoes you’ve been wanting!  These 7 simple home pedicure tips don’t take long but will make a world of difference, especially if you make this a regular habit.

Here are the things you will need:

  • Small tub or dishpan for soaking your feet
  • Foot soak like Dr. Scholl’s or Johnsons (you can make your own, but these are good and pretty cheap)
  • Nail polish remover and cotton pads
  • Toenail clippers or scissors
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail File
  • Foot scrub
  • Pedicure brush lotion

Once you have all your items together, it’s time to get started. Get a cup of tea, relax and get to it!

7 Simple Home Pedicure Tips for Ugly Feet

1. Remove polish and gently trim nails. The best length for toenails is just slightly below the end of the toe, leaving just a short length of nail. The toenail should not extend beyond the edge of the toe, or be trimmed too near to the quick.

2. Soak your feet in the tub of very warm water with 1/2 cup of epsom salts. Soak 5 minutes or more.  Remove, pat dry and apply cuticle remover to your toes. After a few moments, gently push back with a cuticle stick and resume soaking for 10-15 minutes more. Remove and pat dry with a towel.

3. If you have a great deal of calloused, cracked skin, use a pumice stone, foot file or callous remover to remove as much dead skin as possible. Avoid using foot files or cheese-grater style tools as these can create more trouble than they solve.

4. If you have corns on your toes, you can minimize their appearance by gently filing and smoothing with the soft side of an emery board.  Pay special attention to how you use these tools. Be firm but gentle. It may take more than one pedicure to get it all.

5. After removing calluses, use a foot scrub and massage feet thoroughly. It’s very simple and economical to make your own sugar scrub. Simply mix 1 cup of sugar, a few drops of olive, almond or coconut oil, and add in an essential oil of your choice and mix until it’s like damp sand. Apply to your feet and massage in, paying special attention to the heels, tops of toes, and the area around your ankles. Rinse and pat dry again. Apply a rich foot moisturizer or oil to your feet. Massage into your feet, between your toes, around ankles and the soles of your feet.

6. Gently cleanse your toenails to remove oil or moisturizer. Dry them carefully,carefully trimming any cuticles that need additional. Apply two coats of polish, if desired, and one top coat to finish. (It can be difficult to get the sides and tips of the toenail covered as they are close to the skin…it can make it easier if you tuck little strips of lightweight bandage tape under the tips of your nails so you can cover the tips without getting polish all over your toes. Just remove when the polish has dried and voila! Perfect!)

7. One of the most helpful ways to keep your newly beautiful feet soft and smooth is to apply a moisturizer at night. You can use coconut oil, lavendar, or even olive oil will work!  Slip a pair of light cotton socks on while you sleep. When you shower in the morning, scrub your toes and feet with a foot brush, and you will be amazed at how soft they feel – and look!

Removing the corns, calluses, and dry skin on your feet and heels takes time – following these steps regularly is important, and pedicures have health benefits! Now you can even add a little foot cover up to hide any imperfections, and off you go! Browse UgleeFeet.com for more great ideas, and check out some shoes that are comfy and smart!

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