Foot Shaming Men

It seems that foot shaming is taking a turn for the…male! Foot shaming is nothing new, but men are being foot shamed more and more frequently. Are men are becoming less attentive to their foot care? Are shoes for men are more revealing? What is it?

Of course, foot shaming is nothing new. If you look up “ugly feet” on Google, the most results are insulting comments, websites and photos of celebrities feet, YouTube videos, and some opinion articles. Until recently, women have been the primary target for these pieces, but now it seems that men with ugly feet are firmly in the cross hairs. Now, when you look up “men being foot shamed” on Google, there are lots of results!

There are plenty of new articles about men having ugly feet appearing now, like this one in Metro: Men are being ‘foot shamed’ and they are definitely not ok with it”.  On the positive side, it seems that on the whole, men take the ugly foot problem a lot less personally than women do…less fear, embarrassment and shame about their feet and more anger and a definite “screw you” attitude…something women could do with more of!