Her inspiration:  Less than perfect feet.

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The Result: The perfect shoes for women with less than perfect feet!

Julie Lopez of Julie Lopez Shoes for less than perfect feet

Julie Lopez of Julie Lopez Shoes gets it. Absolutely. She knows how some women feel about their feet, and it isn’t pretty.

Her goal was to create beautiful, classic but modern footwear for the women who need more than just a manufactured shoe. Women who have foot issues, but yearn to experience the excitement and satisfaction of wearing heels pain free. Who feel their feet are unattractive and want beautiful footwear without sacrificing comfort, while covering it all up.  Good news, ladies…she did it!

Julie Lopez:

“I think all women need to remember that everyone, in one way or another, has less than perfect feet. Even a foot model might wish to have a smaller or larger size foot. We are way too critical of ourselves, and we notice our own flaws more than anyone else does. The larger problem is when women force their feet into painful shoes for the sake of beauty and fashion. A lesser but still serious problem is women giving up entirely and resorting to unattractive shoes designed solely for comfort that bring no aesthetic joy to the wearer. It’s a shame, because the footwear industry has given women with less-than-perfect feet so few options! I’ve always been a proponent of dressing up and looking put together, and for me that always includes a beautiful pair of shoes.

A great pair of heels makes me walk differently, and feel more confident in everything I do regardless of whether or not I have “ugly feet”. I was sick of these great heels hurting my feet though, taking away that aura of fun and confidence that dress shoes can bring. My line of eponymous footwear was born from this exact notion, and I brought unprecedented comfort features to a fashionable dress shoe for women with bunions, arthritis, wide toe bridges, larger sizes and other foot maladies. Cope with what you might consider to be your “ugly feet” by coddling them in Julie Lopez shoes!”

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