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Summer Shoe Styles For Ugly Feet

It’s definitely that time again – time to get your feet ready for Spring!  Every year as this time approaches, it can be stressful to wonder whether the current styles are going to accommodate the special needs that some feet require!

Love this post by Barking Dog Shoes. This author writes some great stuff based on her personal experience coping with bunions.  A couple of these that she mentions are pretty stylish for spring and summer, so if you’re going on vacation soon, these summer shoe styes work for ugly feet, and are worth checking out for sure:

 These scream comfort if you have bunions or very wide feet.  I like the dual straps, the heel strap and the rocker sole.
 These Wolky Women’s Ballota Shoes have a very small heel. The leather close over the top of the shoe has Velcro strips, making it easy to secure in a way that is comfortable for you.  I like the ankle strap, this is one of those visual ways of drawing the eye away from the bunion area and also helps if you have really wide feet. These look pretty comfy and come in a bunch of colors.

We will be exploring more great summer shoes during the next few weeks! Make sure you prepare for bare with our foot care tips!

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