Toe rings are so cute…we all would love to wear them! But like flip flop and high heels, do ugly feet and ring toes just not mix? Unlike a bright colored polish that focuses attention directly to the toes, a toe ring can help do do just the opposite. It can focus attention more on the ring and can actually detract from any unsightly toe features.

The types of toe rings you wear on feet with bunions, corns or toenail fungus also matter. The best to rings for large, wide feet or pudgy toes are ones that are moderate in size and embellishments, neither small and petite or overly wide bands with large attachments.

One of the most important items with wearing toe rings is to make sure your nails are trimmed, clean and polished and you use moisturizer on your feet! Also, don’t be afraid to use foot concealer or makeup if you warrant it.

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