7 Best Affordable Foot Creams

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7 Great foot creams under $10

Foot creams don’t have to be expensive to get the job done! These seven foot creams under $10 are effective on cracked heels and thick calluses.

Whether your feet are dry from winter’s ongoing effects, or you have tough, chronic calluses on toes, balls of the feet and heels, finding the right foot cream is super important. There is a lot on the market out there. Some of them smell good, come are gunky, some are greasy. Some of them are ineffective, and some are very expensive.

We were looking for a go-to foot cream that is effective, easy and pleasant to apply, and affordable enough to use every day. Most importantly, we wanted something that gives awesome relief from foot calluses and dry heels.

We found some great options…

 7 Great Foot Creams Under $10 For Your Feed & Your Wallet

1. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream



When you need an everyday, reliable, workhorse product to keep your feet smooth, this is the ticket.  Gold Bond’s  Ultimate Softening Foot Cream is just right for everyday and nighttime use.  The foot cream contains Shea Butter, vitamins A, C, and, E & a unique silk peptide matrix that will leave any dry and rough feet and heels moisturized. This product works wonders if you apply it to your feet at night and cover them with lightweight cotton socks. It handles rough skin, calluses, dry cuticles, heels, and more.


The best foot cream ever. If you have extremely dry and cracked feet or just want extremely soft feet, this is the product that beats all foot creams out there! It’s thick so I recommend putting some socks on after you apply to your feet or put it on before bed. It’s a luxurious feeling when your feet feel this soft and smooth! ~ Softball Mom


2. Urea Cream 40% Best Callus Remover



The Urea Cream 40% Best Callus Remover is the answer to many feet that are tired and callused because of wearing uncomfortable shoes. Urea is used to treat both dry skin and even ingrown toenails. Urea basically dissolves the keratin that bonds the top layer of skin cells together, helping to slough off the dead skin cells. It also helps to increase moisture in the skin. Anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties in this product encourages healing of dry skin, even cracked split skin that results in pain. foot pain, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, burns and other types of problem skin. Foot Finish is safe for diabetics.


As good as prescription. ~Karen Smith


3. O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet Exfoliating Foot Cream



Another healthy food for your feet is the O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Exfoliating Foot Cream. There is nothing more annoying than having extremely dry and uncomfortable feet!  O’Keefe’s is here to rescue you. These foot creams are hypoallergenic and are effective in healing and repairing extremely dry, cracked heels and feet. This foot cream is known to work fast, heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry and cracked feet. Results can be noticed in just a few days! The O’Keefe company has an interesting story (you can read it here). Their skin cream was created by the pharmacist daugher of a diabetic rancher whose hands were constantly cracked and painful.


It works! Omg! Great cream! Last week they were so cracked it hurt to walk on them! Now look at them! ~ amberthang


4. CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid



Salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, plus hyaluronic acid work to make this product continually replenish the skin. CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid is designed to keep your feet healthy and looking great. Fragrance free, non-irritating, CeraVe Foot Cream was developed with dermatologists just like the rest of their products.  It is also accepted by the National Eczema Association.


My dermatologist recommended this for my super dry feet and knees. Photos show starting out and progress after only 3 weeks of using twice daily. I am pleased with the results. ~J. Merrill


5. Curél Foot Therapy Cream



Curél Foot Therapy Cream is designed to be non-greasy, absorb quickly and penetrate the skin. It is infused with Shea Butter, Coconut Milk and Vitamin E. Dermatologist recommended, it is recommended for daily use to keep feet soft, smooth, and comfortable.


This is definitely miracle cream. You can even use it to soften elbows. ~j_and_goddess


6. Flexitol Heel Balm



Flexitol Heel Balm is made with urea, glycolic acid & lanolin as well as nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera & shea butter.Flexitol notes that their heel balm can be beneficial and therapeutic for elderly people, as well as anyone with diabetes, kidney disease or hypothyroidism.




7. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly



Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been a staple in American households since 1870.  Vaseline lubricates the skin, but ii also locks in moisture. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is great by itself on dry feet to quickly soften calluses, cracked skin and corns. It can also be used over any other foot cream or moisturizing product you like, locking it in and creating a barrier to avoid dryness.  Vaseline is triple-purified and pure enough to use every single day, easy to use, and affordable. Vaseline® Jelly is even recognized by the National Eczema Association as suitable for eczema sufferers.


“This ointment is a great product for rashes, softening rough feet, and I find it works better to diminish nail fungus than most over the counter product. ” LAWonder10

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