What to know if you have never had a pedicure

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If  you are too embarrassed to get a pedicure, there are some things you probably want to know – and that a pedicurist wishes you knew! This short list of 7 things to know if you’re too embarrassed to get a pedicure can help you get over the fear and give it a try. Being embarrassed about getting a pedicure is not unusual…many people have a lot of trepidation about it. Particularly if:

a) You have not been exposed to anyone who gets them. Not everyone has had exposure to – or knows anyone – who gets regular pedicures or manicures. It can seem like a very foreign activity, frivolous, or a waste of money, and something that is completely out of your realm of experience.

b) You are uncomfortable with your feet.  You may be embarrassed by them, perhaps you have a foot condition like corns or bunions or athlete’s foot, or just feel that your feet are nothing you want to share with anyone. These are very common feelings that  can actually produce shame and an emotional turmoil.

If you have never had a pedicure because you are too embarrassed about your feet, you probably also have a lot of curiosity and questions about what is involved during the pedicure process. Getting one for the first time is not very different from a lot of other firsts that you have had, but if you do have issues with your feet, and are ashamed to show them to anyone, this is the biggest hurdle you will have.

Be sure to research nail salons before you get your first appointment. Always be sure that they are licensed and have good references, that the facility is clean, and you may even want to see if you can bring or acquire your own pedicure tools.

Like everything else, knowledge is power, so here are some questions and answers about how to prepare if you’ve been too embarrassed to get a pedicure in the past.

7 Important Things To Know If You’re Too Embarrassed to Get a Pedicure

1. How to Prepare for Your First Pedicure

In all honesty there is not a whole lot to prepare for when you go for a pedicure. You might think that giving yourself a pedicure before getting a pedicure is ridiculous, but if you have a lot of fear about the process, or how your feet look, it won’t hurt you to take these steps:

  • Clean Feet: It may sound obvious, but take time to make sure your feet are clean before you go to the salon. Soak them in warm water with Epsom salts and a little soap, using a nail brush on your toenails. Wash and rinse. Put some moisturizer on your feet and some soft socks for a few hours before you leave for your appointment. This little step will make you feel better and actually relax you a bit. If you’re really anxious about it, give yourself a little mini home pedicure so there is nothing you need to be thinking about when you go in there except the experience. The last thing you want is to sit down in the chair and realize that you have a ton of dead skin that you’re just horrified about, or your toenails are dirty. This doesn’t bother the pedicure professional, but it will bother you, so eliminate any roadblocks.
  • Shave: If you decide to get a pedicure that includes a foot and leg massage (highly recommend it!) – or even if you aren’t getting one – no NOT shave before you go to the salon. The person doing your pedicure could care less, but if it’s something that you think you will feel weird about, then shave gently a few days prior to your appointment.
  • Nail Polish: you can remove this before you go if you prefer, but this is typically something that the pedicures will do for you.
  • Open Toe Shoes Or Flip Flops: Once your pedicure is completed, you will need to let your polish dry for a little while. You will be drying in the salon for a while, but it’s important to wear something that will not mar or mark the polish on your toenails as you prepare to leave and go to your car. Typically the salongwill provide you with disposable flip-flops to wear around in the salon, but if you want to wear your own, by all means do. Just make sure that you can slip in and out easily and your toes are exposed so your nail polish will dry perfectly.

2. What Happens During a Pedicure?

  • What Is Going to Happen: When you get to the salon, one of the staff will tell you where to go to sit. You leave your shoes on the floor next to the chair and put your feet into the tub in front of you. Most salons have massage chairs for you to enjoy while you are soaking your feet but there is no need. The pedicurist will start filling the tub warm water and soap and let you sit and soak your feet for a while. She will then start washing your feet with a brush and will take them out one at a time to work on them. (It is important to note that some experts wear gloves, some do not. It is no reflection on you, so don’t think they’re wearing gloves because your feet are so bad…it’s just what they do.) Each foot will be inspected, he or she will use a callus remover on your feet, toes and heels. They will clean and clip your toenails, taking time to make sure that they are neat and trim. You will get a final rinse and then, depending upon the type of pedicure you have purchased, they may give you a nice foot and leg massage.  If this is your first pedicure, you should probably try this as it feels amazing and super relaxing.

An important note: if this is your first pedicure, you can definitely share that with the pedicurist. believe me, they are used to people coming in for the first time and there highly sensitive individuals who are embarrassed of their feet. They will do their best to help you relax and not worry about it, and they are very good at that. These people have seen everything.

What to Do before Getting a Pedicure – how to prepare for a pedicure

3. What If the Pedicure Is Grossed Out by My Feet?

One thing we can say with 99% confidence is that no matter how bad you think your feet are, they have seen much worse. When you choose a reputable, professional salon, the experts are here to help. They are typically sensitive and gentle, and very matter-of-fact as they work on you – you can even tell them if you have been too embarrassed to get a pedicure. They will not be grossed out any more than the doctor is when he gives you an exam, or the dentist is when he has to poke around in your mouth.

4. Can Nail Salons Remove Corns?

Can a pedicure get rid of corns? No – corns are the result of pressure on the foot, whether from improperly fitting shoes, the way you walk or other factors. Corns are a super common foot condition…many people have them. A professional pedicure technician will not, and should not, clip or cut a corn. What they may do is gently exfoliate the corn with a pumice stone or foot file, and apply moisturizer. Corn removal should be left up to a podiatrist or doctor.

5. Can You Get a Pedicure with Short Toenails

Absolutely! Whether you have clipped your two nails too short, they have chipped or flaked, or your toenails are naturally short, a pedicure can actually help with that. your toes will be leaned up, toenails trimmed and the dead skin removed from around them so that they can grow back more easily.

6. Does A Pedicure Tickle

The quick answer is no,  but in all reality it depends! When your pedicurist applies the right pressure when removing calluses with a pumice stone or a scratchy pad, it typically feels more like heaven than ticklish. There’s actually nothing quite like it…however, if you do find yourself getting ready to let out a big guffaw while involuntarily kicking the pedicurist in the face, just let them know that you are sensitive to certain touch and they will take it from there.

7. Will Other People In the Salon See My Feet

It is quite possible, of course, that there will be other customers in the nail salon at the same time you are there. If you are really concerned about it, try to make your appointment in the morning on a weekday when there are likely to be less people there. If you suffer from a foot phobia, you can even ask to the salon professional to put you in a seat furthest away from any other customers.

Once you have experienced a good pedicure, life will never be the same again! Not only does it feel good and and look good when you walk out of the salon, but regular pedicures can really make a difference in how your feet look long-term.  And don’t forget, it’s important that men get pedicures too! You may love them so much you will forget you were ever too embarrassed to get a pedicure!

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