Calling out celebrities with ugly feet seems to be an ongoing trend.  Websites dedicated to showing super talented people on the red carpet, or going about their daily lives, taking a beach vacation are getting married focus on their feet.

Celebrities with ugly feet seem to be big business, but celebrities are people too, and all of us have imperfections. At our goal is not to shame or embarrass actresses or celebrities who have less-than-perfect feet, but instead to share our common features. Let’s face it…NO ONE has beautiful feet. Celebrities may spend a lot more money and time on their personal appearance at certain times, but when they go home and kick their shoes off, their feet are just exactly the same as yours. They have everything from hammer toes to bunions, calluses to heavy veins in their feet. The fact is, our feet are the workhorse of our bodies. They are utilitarian, which means they are meant to function, not serve as a beauty standard.

Because they frequently wear high heels or other fashion accoutrements that can cause problems with their feet, celebrities (primarily women) can suffer from resulting foot pain and disfigurement.


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