“Help – I Have Ugly Feet!”

Ugly feet – if you feel you have them – can  result in physical, social and emotional anxiety that can affect everything from personal relationships, to social life, to work environment.

For anyone living with ugly feet, whether women, men or even children – dealing with embarrassment or shame about how their feet look is no joke.  Our society is filled with critics. For instance, beautiful, smart and talented people in the entertainment and sports industries are prime targets for foot shaming, no matter how awesome they may be or how minimal their foot issues are.

We understand the effect having ugly feet, toes or toenails can have on a persons ability to do even small things like just finding decent footwear: wearing sandals or flip flops, for instance. Finding fashionable footwear for wide feet or bunions. Walking barefoot (if your response to this is “God forbid!” we are talking about YOU.) Some people just straight up hate their own toes.

We went to change that. There are ways to improve the appearance of your feet, from pedicures to nail Polish, foot makeup to bunion surgeries. Our goal is to help people learn how to make the best of what they have. Ugly or not, our feet worked very hard for us… they are one of the hardest working parts of our bodies.

Browse our website learn more about how our perceptions of what makes feet ugly can be changed. Our goal? For everyone to learn to love their feet – ugly or not!

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