Ugly Toes

Ugly toes are one of the biggest areas of concern for people when it comes to their feet. (Have you ever heard someone say “I LOVE my toes!”) Most toes aren’t ugly…just misunderstood!

Some people think ugly toes are a result of having thick or yellow toenails, dry or cracked skin around the toes; some people think their toes are stubby, too skinny, or maybe they have hammertoes that are rising from their feet like a Phoenix from the ashes. Some people obsess about having an ugly pinky toe. Fact is, corns, calluses, even marks from wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause your toes to look less than their best at any given time.

We have all seen pictures of beautiful celebrities with less than perfect toes in high heels, sandals or flip flops hi Kevin thoughts. Entire Pinterest accounts and websites dedicated to exploiting people’s feet.

It’s important to remember that many times, the appearance of our feet and our toes are dictated at least in part by other things.

  • Our gait…the way we walk, for one.
  • The types of shoes we wear, how frequently we wear shoes (or not)
  • What we do for a living.
  • Environment.

All of these things combine to make our toes unique to us. Maybe you have another health or foot condition that affects your feet.

So, cut your ugly toes a break! Browse our website pages to learn more about how to make the most of the feet you have. Enjoy wearing toe rings, and don’t forget to celebrate National Wiggle Your Toes Day!

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