Find the best shoes for problem feet

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Find the Right Shoes for Problem Feet

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No matter how much work you do to have beautiful feet, you need to choose the right shoes. Just like clothing can flatter or minimize certain parts of your body, shoes for problem feet can do the same for your hard working peds! They can be both comfortable and fashionable, so take time to shop carefully, and love your feet!

      • Bunions: One of the reasons a lot of women (and men!) really hate their feet so much is bunions, those bumps that appear next to your big toe. Look for shoes or strappy sandals that wrap around your bunions and the outer edge of your toes. Keep in mind that if you choose soft or fabric uppers, they will mold to the form of your foot. Check out our summer shoes for bunions that are attractive, comfy and affordable.
      • Corns: If you’re looking for open-toed shoes or sandals, choose the type that covers most of your toes. There are quite a few ways to treat and minimize the appearance of corns. Be sure to take care of these before they become sore or infected.
      • Wide Feet: This is one of the most common foot problems for women.  Attractive, fashionable shoes used to be super hard to find, but now there are tons of options like Zappos for everything from heels to sneakers, boots to ballet flats.

There are many other foot conditions that result in difficulty finding appropriate, comfortable or fashionable footwear. Arthritis, heel spurs, neuropathy, diabetes, flat feet, plantar fasciitis…all of these conditions can cause foot pain and even disfigurement.

Find more information about the best shoes for your unique feet here:

If you’re strictly looking for comfort that’s fine, but in terms of fashion…maybe not exactly what you’re looking for. You may wish to choose strong synthetic or firm leather uppers that will smooth over the contours of your foot and give the appearance of a straight line. Overall, comfort AND fashion are the goal, so if they hurt – don’t wear ’em! Don’t settle for shoes that hurt your feet…invest in quality shoes made for less than perfect feet.

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