Do you hate your bunions?

Do You Hate Your Bunions?

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Bunions are a hard, bone-like protrusion that grows adjacent to the big toe. If you hate your bunions you aren’t alone…it seems that more people are embarrassed by bunions than almost any other foot condition.

Bunions can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, but can also be hereditary. (There are other types of bunions as well that grow on the outside of the foot) Bunions are more difficult to treat than corns or calluses, and are one of the main reasons people think they have to live with ugly feet. According to Harvard Health Publishing, bunions are ten times more common in women than in men.

What Do Bunions Feel Like?

Bunions can be painful and make it very difficult to find shoes that fit and look good. There are pads and applications designed to minimize discomfort, but do not treat or remove them. There are a few types of surgical options available, but may require some recovery time and don’t offer any guarantee that they will not return. If you choose not to opt for surgery for these, paying particular attention to other areas can help to make these less noticeable than they would otherwise be. We really love that Oprah has learned to love her feet without taking the drastic step of undergoing bunion surgery.

Reducing Bunion Pain

Wearing shoes that don’t put pressure on will help with reducing bunion pain, and minimize the redness that angry bunions tend to exhibit. Choose the right shoes for bunions that are comfy and stylish! Keep your toenails trimmed and manicured, remove corns and callouses and moisturize feet daily…all steps that will help to keep your feet ‘under the radar’!

There are many foot problems and conditions that can be addressed right at home with properly fitting shoes, socks, and home pedicures to keep your feet beautiful and happy! Browse our website for more information on other foot conditions like calluses and corns.

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