Foot Corns – Remedies & Removal

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Do you suffer from ugly foot corns? Corns are hard, sort of cone-shaped protrusions mostly found on top of or on the outside of the toes. In addition to being painful, annoying and ugly, it can be hard to jam a tiny toe ring over that bad boy! Left untreated, corns can become infected and cause some significant health problems. Not to mention bouts of podophobia.

There are a number of types of corns, foot corn remedies and removal techniques, from medications to preventative treatments, to surgery.

  • One of the first orders of business in eliminating the growth of corns and calluses is to eliminate the pressure causing them. If your shoes are too tight or too narrow, choose wider shoes that leave room for your feet to shift within your shoes without rubbing.
  • If your corn is a hard bump and is not infected, you can try sanding it gently with an emery board before showering. Do this gradually, you will find that after a while it can make them become far less noticeable.
  • Acids can be used to treat corns, dissolving the layers and leaving new skin underneath. These are not instant solutions – they can take a while, and in the meantime they won’t be pretty! If you are preparing for a special occasion where you will be wearing open or elegant shoes, this needs to be done well in advance so that you will be healed up and ready to go. Not to worry, there’s plenty of great shoes for ugly feet out there.


If you hate corns on your feet, take some action, but trimming is something that is best left to the professionals…don’t do this yourself. If you attempt to trim the corn you may cut too deep and hurt yourself or cause infection. Contact a podiatrist for this one.

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