Healthy feet are pretty feet

How To Have Healthy, Pretty Feet

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Having healthy feet is a big part of keeping them attractive and comfortable. Wearing breathable socks, shoes that fit, keeping toenails trimmed, calluses at bay and feet moisturized goes a long way toward maintaining healthy, pretty feet that are sandal and barefoot ready!

Practical Foot Care

Oh, the places you’ll go with healthy feet! Let’s be honest, where would we be without them?  All those walks, runs, jumps made here and there; all those steps taken, both little and large. The truth is, we all, to some degree, take them for granted and the distances they take us to. Just like any other part of the body, feet should be taken care of in order for them to feel good and look good. Healthy feet make pretty feet, and with pretty feet comes comfortable feet.

When you search up healthy feet online, instantly all these photos of pretty feet pop up— callus-free, ingrown-free, trimmed nails, smooth, and hairless.  Ridiculously unrealistic for most of us! Ah yes, how nice it must be to have beautiful feet to flaunt when you go barefoot or wear revealing footwear. While some people do strive to get pretty feet for aesthetic purposes, others only do foot care mainly for maintenance; as some do believe that feet should also be pampered and cleaned just like any other body part.

Good foot care lessens the chances of infection that can lead to foot pain, wounds, and many more possible health problems. For instance, unhealthy feet can result in fungal infections causing pain, which in turn reduces physical activity that will most probably take a toll on the rest of your body sooner or later. Our feet were made to take us places, which is why we shouldn’t take their health too lightly. Nowadays, there are more ways to care for our feet— from foot spas to footwear, healthy feet isn’t that hard to achieve.

How To Keep Feet Healthy

Good foot care doesn’t need to be complicated. There are many ways to keep feet healthy in the comfort of your own home! A simple way to do so is by getting to know your feet; checking for sores, bruises, wounds— just basically knowing what’s normal and how your feet usually are.

One important way to keep your feet healthy is by always making sure they’re clean and dry, especially the spaces in between your toes! Make sure to regularly wash your feet, change your socks, and consistently clean your shoes to avoid any fungal infections, which are the primary causes of some diseases such as athlete’s foot. It’s best to use a gentle soap and maybe, after drying, apply moisturizer or body lotion before going to bed.

Another important thing to consider is your footwear! It’s best to wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes and to not wear high heels daily. Let your feet relax now and then. With so many activities done in a day, our feet deserve to rest and recharge too. Make sure to regularly examine them and see if there’s anything or unusual— remember: never take a foot problem too lightly; seek medical help if needed.

Practice Some Foot Gratitude!

It’s always good to remember that your feet are a part of you— and an important one at that. They contribute a great deal to your overall physical health, which later on affects the rest of your body as well. They need to be kept strong and healthy, as we’ll be needing them for as long as possible. We use them every day in almost every moment. As a result, they’re highly susceptible to injury and diseases; something that we shouldn’t take too lightly.

More and more foot care services and great foot care products are regularly introduced to give our feet the TLC they need and deserve. Albeit a trend or not, foot care is something we should all start making the norm in our daily routines!

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