Not a joke, not a scam.  August 6th is National Wiggle Your Toes Day.  And yes, that includes YOU.

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wiggle-your-toes-dayNo idea how this got started, but it’s tailor-made event for people with ugly feet! How can you celebrate this holiday? Even if you think you have ugly toes?

  • Go barefoot
  • Walk in the grass
  • Wear flip-flops, sandals, or socks outside if you want to!
  • Walk on the beach…no hiding ugly feet on this day!
  • Walk on your toes!
  • Have a toe wiggling competition with your kids
  • Paint your toenails an outrageous color and go for a walk

People with ugly toes (or toes they think are ugly) hide them as often as possible.  Suffer from toenail fungus? Today is your day to let ’em hang out there!  No matter what kind of toes you have, remember how hard they work for you every single day.

Have fun!

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