7 Smart Fashion Strategies For Ugly Feet

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Show Your Feet To Their Best Advantage

Do you look for the right fashion strategies to make the best of what you’ve got?  Those techniques are no longer limited to the contents of your closet or the responsibility of your hair salon professional any more!  Extend that approach to below the ankles, especially if you struggle with how your feet look. Learn how to show your feet to their best advantage, and put your best foot feature forward!

If you don’t love your feet, apply those same basic beauty and fashion strategies you use for everything else to maximize your positive attributes (i.e., graceful toes)  and minimize your negative attributes (i.e., bunions). Sort of like …runway tips for your feet!

1. Fashion Strategy:  Avoid horizontal stripes if you want to minimize your or hips.

UglyFeet Strategy: If you have really wide feet, stay away from those tiny flat sandals with a single strap running across the deck of your foot. You can definitely take advantage of pumps that have those openings in the sides, just be sure that you choose a shoe that is wide enough so your foot isn’t hanging off the side.”s

2. Fashion Strategy:  Choose blouses or dresses with ruching to hide that little pooch or muffin top.

UgleeFeet Strategy: Choose shoes that have gathered straps across the front of the foot…helps to hide those bunions, tailor’s bunions, and bring the eye away from those prominent veins on the tops of your feet. Lightweight, comfortable shoes like Bzees fabric florals are both forgiving on your feet and high coverage. A win-win.

3. Fashion Strategy:  Wear layers to create interest and blur the lines between hips and chest, etc.

UgleeFeet Strategy: Clever use of different fabrics/textual approaches, such as woven uppers, two-tone shoes, etc. can  minimize visual prominence of everything from veins to hammertoes. This is one place where form meets function. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For so many different types of shoe styles with unique touches. It’s important to remember if you think you have ugly feet, other people do not view them the same way that you do.

4. Fashion Strategy:  Wear clothing you are comfortable in that reflects your personal style.

UgleeFeet Strategy:  Wear shoes you are comfortable in that don’t exacerbate any propensity you have for foot problems such as corns, bunions, etc. Don’t opt for ridiculously high heels or painful styles simply because they’re “in”. You won’t be able to carry it off anyway. Confidence is one of the most beautiful fashion strategies there is… and that goes for your feet as well.

5. Fashion Strategy:  Use a pop of color in a scarf, necklace, etc. to draw the eye where you want it to go.

UgleeFeet Strategy:  Shoes with eye-catching buckles, flowers or other attachments can draw the eye to the shoe rather than to your feet. Don’t be afraid to wear a red pump…or a yellow heel…or an orange sandal. Tailor the type or style of shoe to the feature you want to minimize, and go one step further with a vivid color.

6. Fashion Strategy: Wear black for a slimming effect.

UgleeFeet Strategy:  This one can work two ways…if you have really wide feet, black can actually accentuate that, so evaluate this one on a case-by-case basis! If it’s a formal affair, try something with texture…ruched satin tops, lace, mesh, sequins…all of these help to fool the eye in one way or another.

7. Fashion Strategy: Practice Simple Elegance

UgleeFeet Strategy: everyone responds to this. Simple elegance is really about knowing your style and being confident in wearing it. Same goes for your feet. No matter what you worry about, whether you hate your feet,  or are afraid of what people may think of your feet, or suffer from some type of  discomfort you may have, No one pays much attention to it as you do. Take a little time, put your best foot forward, and go out there and enjoy your day.

Evaluating your feet critically and applying these 7 smart fashion strategies for ugly feet can go a long way toward helping you show your feet to their best advantage, no matter how unsightly you think your feet might be! (They aren’t!)

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