Stop Celebrity Body Shaming Over Feet

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When you Google the words celebrity ugly feet, or ugly celebrity feet photos, thousands of results pop up.  Celebrity body shaming over feet is rampant. There are even videos, pictures, and articles listing celebrities reported to have unattractive or ugly feet. Public personalities, actors, singers, and sports personalities aren’t safe from these lists. The discrimination is equally vitriolic toward both men and women. So if you think that women get more heat for the way their feet look the truth is that men get the same hate as women do.

Public figures are expected to look and act a certain way.  Social norms and standards of beauty can be different for celebrities, and expectations for certain physical attributes and appearance can be far greater. As a result, the public can become vocal and critical about what they consider small “flaws” celebrities have.

In most cases, some even go as far as foot shaming, the act of saying nasty things about a person’s feet. For instance, someone has a preconceived image of what a person should look like. When they see something “wrong” with a public figure, like the look of their feetf that falls outside their notion of what is acceptable, they deem them unworthy of love and positive attention.

Celebrities are humans too. Personalities are ordinary people with typical problems. (Hence the word “person” in the word “personality.”) They are not perfect, and they don’t have it all! A person can have beautiful lips but dull hair, while others can have a great body but fat fingers. And others can possess a beautiful face but have what someone may consider ugly feet.

Why Do People Foot Shame Celebrities?

Even if celebrities or public figures are graced with exceptional talent, or looks stunning and phenomenal, or both, people will still search for something to criticize. Why do people hate feet, and why to they want to publicly shame stars and celebrities for their bunions, hammertoes, calluses, or just different foot structure?

1. No consequence 
It’s easy to broadcast your hateful comments when you think there aren’t any repercussions. People usually do this because the celebrity is so famous that their comments won’t even matter and believe that what they say will not have consequences. However, the truth is, there are. People’s hateful tweets or posts could get noticed and can go viral because more people will hop on that train, agreeing with them. When the offensive comment has gained popularity, the person who it’s about will most probably see it.

2. Thirst for recognition
The sad fact is that some are so fame-crazed that they will say anything to get attention. They do what they can to get noticed by uttering  something outrageous, or what they think is funny and witty at someone else’s expense. They perceive that their “humor” can acquire likes and views, but n reality, they’re just displaying insensitivity and cruelty.

3. Insecurity 

People are insecure, as simple as that.  In other cases, people who publicly embarrass public figures by shaming their feet want to make themselves feel better. For instance, people will post ugly memes or comments about Amal Clooney’s bunions or share images of how flat-footed Angelina Jolie is may actually suffer from podophobia or some other social anxiety condition

Why Foot Shaming is Unfair to Celebrities

Many public figures go through years of education, training, auditions, rejections, hard work and some eventually reap the rewards of their efforts. Why would they be criticized because of their feet? People with this negative habitual trait of foot shaming celebrities and public figures are so focused on the negative that they overlook exceptional talent.

Even if a person is famous, wealthy, and attractive, they are still human beings with feelings and are prone to be hurt. Can you imagine yourself in their shoes? (No pun intended.) It is important to note that some celebrities are actively fighting body and foot shaming.

Ugly Feet, Pretty Feet, and Who Gets What

Some foot problems may pose a health risk, but some features are just innate and normal. Some foot conditions can be avoided or mitigated, but some are just…us.

  • We Come With Feet Attached
    Some people have naturally unique or unappealing feet, and they can’t do anything about it. Wide feet, hammer toes, itty bitty tiny toenails or prominent veins are just built in.
  • Exercise
    Conversely, we all know that celebrities are expected to look phenomenal, and one reason why their feet get damaged physically is because of extreme workouts or physical activities. One good example of this is what is commonly known as ballerina toes. The grueling exercises and workouts result in pain, injury and permanent scarring of the feet. All part of the commitment to be the best. A good example of ugly celebrity feet foot shaming is a 2016 interview with Penelope Cruz. A stunning woman and a former dancer, she was rudely asked about her “ugly feet” in a televised interview.
  • It’s What They Do
    Guys like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Shaiquille O’Neil get comments on their feet. Nonetheless, women are more prone to get bashed; most often during formal events where they wear heels or open footwear that exposes their feet and toes. And we all know that the camera captures everything. Many women are required to wear fashionable shoes as a primary part of their careers. Continuously wearing high or stiletto heels can alter their feet’s bone structure. Not only that, but bunions, blisters, callous may also form or arise.

Model Tyra Banks has also gotten many responses about the corn on her toes. So, you see? No one is safe, even for a supermodel who graced dozens of magazines and fashion shows. Other heel-wearing women who have been put on blast because of their feet are Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Zoe Saldana and Oprah.

Foot shaming by celebrities is practically a public sport. While YouTube personality and Smosh member Mari Takahashi has been foot shamed by one of her closest friends, Joshua “Joven” Ovenshire, who is also on YouTube. Joven says Mari is 95% attractive but ends at her feet. It’s important to note that Mari has been dancing, particularly ballet, since she was a child.

The Bottom Line

Even though celebrities live their life in the public eye, it doesn’t give people the right to bombard them with negative comments about their feet. It’s important that we end foot shaming today. Celebrities are human and are beautifully imperfect as we all are; the strength and functionality of our feet should be prioritized over aesthetics. What can you do? Don’t participate in celebrity body shaming over feet – or anything else for that matter. Don’t go to those websites, don’t share those images or videos.

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