Love your feet - just the way they are!

Embarrassing Feet

Embarrassing feet? Tired of living with ugly feet? Although it may sound funny to some, being embarrassed by ugly feet can cause more than just physical discomfort. For many people, the psychological cost of embarrassing feet and feeling ashamed of their feet is even worse. Do you always feel like people are staring at your feet?¬†Always thinking to yourself, “I’m ashamed of my feet!” Mortified to have them seen by members of the opposite sex? Tired of hiding them? There is even a term for extreme cases of foot phobia, called podiaphobia.

It can be extremely difficult – if not impossible – for women to enjoy wearing light and comfortable summer shoes when they suffer from unattractive corns, tough, hard callouses, yellowed or misshapen toenails and bunions that cause unsightly bumps on the feet. Finding fashionable shoes for ugly feet isn’t as easy as you may think…simple things such as walking on the beach, going to the pool, or finding shoes to wear with dresses and formal wear can be next to impossible.

Particularly for women, being ashamed of your feet can escalate to a significant degree. If you’re one of those women you know who you are…your husband may not have even touched your feet, no matter how long you’ve been married. Salon Pedicures? Forget it!

Short of drastic measures that can include foot surgery, the best option is to make peace with the fact you have to live with ugly feet! But how ugly? Making the best of what you’ve got is something we have all done at one time or another. You may have had to learn to choose haircuts for fine, thin hair to get the look you want. Perhaps you have had breast implants, a Botox treatment, or even just worked to lose some weight. Making the most of embarrassing feet is actually a lot less difficult – and at least as rewarding – as some of those beauty measures.

Men are not immune to the same feelings of shame and embarrassment when they deal with toenail fungus, veiny feet or misshapen toes. Ugly feet know no limits!

You will find that being meticulous and consistent with your foot care regimen only helps as time goes on. The more your feet relax, the better they look and feel. Making a commitment to daily foot care and attention can really make a difference in how you feel about your feet. Honest!

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Photo Credit: der bobbel via photopin cc