Laser Treatments for Toenail Fungus

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Laser treatment for toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) is a cutting-edge, technological advancement that now makes it possible for you to grow new, clear and thin nails without the unhealthy side effects of oral anti-fungal antibiotics! If you are a part of the 10% of all people who suffer from the embarrassing condition of nail fungus on your tootsies, and want to know how to get rid of toenail fungus once and for all, this is wonderful (sigh of relief…) news for you!

This laser fungal toenail treatment is by far the most effective way of ridding yourself of the pathogens causing the fungus, with no discomfort or side effects. The rate of effectiveness for this procedure is 88%. No anesthesia is required and it is done as an outpatient procedure, completed in minutes. There are usually no age or health restrictions and clinical studies have shown no adverse reactions or injuries due to these treatments for toenail fungus.

For the past 15 years, if you wanted to be rid of the fungus in your nail beds, you were forced to swallow these noxious pills and just pray that your liver function tests came back okay. These medications, like Fulvicin, Sporanox, and Diflucan, had to be taken for 6 – 12 weeks, and possible effects on the liver and kidneys made it an impractical choice for most. So, those of us who opted to wait it out can now receive our reward in the form of nail fungus laser treatment!

Nail fungus is a difficult disease to treat because the fungus roots lie deep within the nail bed causing discoloration, brittleness, and even a foul smell due to bacteria growth. Depending on whether you need treatment for one foot or two and considering where you live, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,200 for the one-time treatments for toenail fungus (at this time, insurance providers do not cover laser treatments for the nails). Usually, the provider will recommend for best results that you have all of the nails done in order to prevent reinfection.

If you have been battling with this disease for a while and have hidden your feet inside tennis shoes all summer while everyone else donned the terrifying flip flop or summer sandal, this is a small price to pay to never have to worry about hiding your toes again. Complete clearing of the nail is usually completed in one thirty minute visit!

The way in which this is done is usually by an infrared light that is directed at the toenail, destroying the fungus at the roots:

This laser treatment for toenail fungus does not affect healthy skin tissue and except for a temporary warm feeling, you will experience no pain. After the treatment, a new, healthy nail plate should grow out in 8-12 months. Yes, this seems like a very long time to wait for your new toes, but once they come in you will have them forever! Usually, the provider will make recommendations to prevent reinfection of the foot from the environment.

For us here at, this is fabulous news. We love to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in making ugly feet a thing of the past!

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